Management Review & Quality Objectives

The ISO 9001 Standard has required specific topics for management review meetings in section 5.6, Management Review. In addition, there are a couple of other topics presented throughout the standard that can be easily added to and addressed through management review meetings. These include some of the requirements in sections 6 Resource management; 7.1 Planning of Product Realization; 7.2.3 Customer Feedback; 7.4.1 Purchasing Process; 8.1 Measurement, Analysis and Improvement – General; 8.2.(All Sections) Monitoring and Measurement (Customer Satisfaction, Internal Audits, Monitoring and Measurement of Processes, Monitoring and Measurement of Product); 8.4 Analysis of Data; 8.5 Improvement.

The standard requires quality objectives be established by management at all relevant levels and functions.

Management review is a good place to track the progress of your objectives. The objectives will typically address one or more of the topics discussed below. If you have established an objective for a specific topic, I like to use 7 questions regarding the topic to keep the discussions appropriate to the degree needed for improvement. Often time, we spend more time on things that are going well than on things that are going poorly, it’s easier.

What is our measurement?
On-Time Delivery
Customer Satisfaction
What is our objective?
>3 on a scale of 1-5
How are we doing?
Are there any trends?
No trend noted but we are not reaching our objective.
Yes, customer view of our quality has dropped from 4 to 3.4 over the past year.
Is there any action needed?
Yes, we need to start an action, perhaps a preventive action to determine how to meet our objective.
Not at this time, but watch this measurement and review next month for future action.
Who is assigned the action and when is it due?
Shipping/Receiving Manager, action plan due by the first of next month.
Not applicable
Is there anything else we need to know about the topic? Any upcoming changes or other influences?
New computer tracking system coming in later this year could adversely affect the measurement.
Not at this time.

Remember to keep good minutes that reflect the topics discussed and the action items determined. It is best to assign time frames for the action items to ensure they are completed as planned.

Below is a list of the ISO 9001 mandatory topics and some ideas on what you may want to discuss:

Mandatory & Suggested Topics (Per ISO 9001:2008)
Follow-up Actions from Previous Management Reviews Status – continue or close; related discussions
Results of audits Review results and audit schedule and determine if additional audits are indicated. Watch for trends in findings from audit to audit. Watch for depth of audit. Document discussions and decisions.
Customer feedback Review complaints, returns or surveys. Remember a pro-active solicitation of customer satisfaction is generally required. Take action as indicated. Record discussions and decisions.
Process performance This is can be reviewed during your review of objectives, See suggestions above. Record whether action is indicated or objective is on track.
Product conformity This is can be reviewed during your review of objectives, See suggestions above. Record whether action is indicated or objective is on track.
Status of corrective & preventive action Watch that corrective & preventive actions are being completed in a timely manner. Lack of timely and effective corrective/preventive action generally points to a management lack of commitment. This is a critical part of your management system and should be watched closely by management for effectiveness. Record discussion and decisions.
Changes (process, product, equipment, significant staffing changes) Determine a change process and watch that all ISO requirements are included within the changes. Changes in equipment might require training, maintenance, calibration; changes in staffing may require re-assignment of responsibilities and training. Record discussions and decisions.
Recommendations for improvement Note any opportunities you identify for improvement
Resource needs Record discussion & decisions regarding changes or resource needs.
Noted improvements in the QMS and its processes Take a moment to summarize (brag on, acknowledge) the improvements you have noted in the QMS and its processes.
Noted improvements in your product, related to customer requirements Take a moment to summarize (brag on, acknowledge) the improvements you have noted in your product and in customer satisfaction.
Supplier performance Review supplier performance and determine if action is needed. Record discussions and decisions.


The management review process is one of the three most critical processes to allow your management system to be sustainable and to drive improvement. (The other two being corrective action and internal audits.) If you are looking for better processes and more profit; your time spent using the management review meetings will show you those improvements. Keep the meetings focused and keep good notes.

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