ISO Implementation

Keys to implementing a successful management system

  • Start with a solid plan.
  • Know what you already have in place.
  • Know what you need to add in order to meet the standard.
  • Know the best way to add the needed components.
  • Involve employees who understand the ISO standard and the management system goals.

The implementation process

  • Teams determine new processes to meet the standard.
    • A┬áSteering Team, composed of key members of the point teams, will meet to coordinate efforts of the point teams.
    • Point Teams work on designated point(s) of the ISO standard.
  • The teams document the new process, and develop required records, forms, and work instructions.
  • The teams train staff members on how the new process works.
  • When the new processes are complete, Internal Audits and Management Review meetings begin.
  • The system is used for 3 to 6 months before your registration audit.
  • At least one cycle of internal audits and management reviews are completed.
  • Now it’s time for registration!

Reactions you can expect from staff members during your project

Expect confusion at first. This is a big project, and employees may not know where they fit into it. Be sure to communicate your plan, and to provide adequate training for employees. Train them on what this system will do for them. How will it make their job easier?
As the implementation progresses, you can expect employees to take ownership of processes, and to take pride in their accomplishments. Be sure to celebrate achievements along the way. It is important to let employees know their contribution to this project is important.

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