ISO Implementation Planning

Where do you start? You have just been assigned the task of getting registered to an ISO standard within a short period of time. How should you begin? We believe a good start is with a plan. Although each is unique, a successful implementation project begins with a good project plan.

Purchase a Copy of the Standard

It is hard to start a trip without knowing your destination. You will need a copy of the standard to get started. The ISO 9001 standard is available through the American Society for Quality in the U.S. Typically all ISO standards are available through the International Organization for Standardization. Our links page also provides more direction on purchasing your standard.

Establish Management Commitment

Management must know why they are implementing the ISO standard. The initial reasons may be market pressures, or requests from clients. This may not be enough for all managers to buy into and support the project. Educating management on what the system is, what it is not, and what it will do for your company is the best way to gain the commitment you need from management. Two of the books listed on our resource page specifically address this issue. Group training sessions are also an effective way to educate management.

Gap Analysis

The first step in planning your implementation is to perform a Gap Analysis, a comparison of your current management system to the requirements of the ISO standard. Quest Analytical can perform a Gap Analysis and then provide a Gap Report. The Gap Report explains what you will need to add to your current management system to meet the requirements, and what you have in place that already meets the standard.

Project Plan

Using the Gap Report: develop an implementation approach, project plan, and timeline.

  • Identify the staff members who will be leading and coordinating the project.
  • Determine your approach to the project. Team-based projects are most effective.
  • Establish your timeline for implementation.
  • Plan a project “kick-off” to educate and inform everyone in the facility about your ISO implementation project.

Quest Analytical can assist you in developing your project plan and provide general training to introduce ISO 9000 to your employees.

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