Types of ISO Audits

There are several kinds of audits that may be involved with your ISO management system. Quest Analytical is available to assist with many of these audits. Note: Quest Analytical is not a registrar or certification body so there is no conflict of interest in our assisting you with our auditing.

Gap Analysis

The foundation of your implementation program should be a thorough Gap Analysis. This is an audit of what systems you already have in place. This gives you a starting point in your planning process.

Supplier Audit

Often you will want to conduct an audit of your suppliers, especially if they are not ISO registered. Quest Analytical can assist you in developing your supplier audit program and can perform these audits for you.

Internal Audits

Regularly scheduled internal audits of your quality system are required by the ISO standards. These audits are a measure of how your quality system is working.

Quest Analytical can:

  • Train your internal auditors to perform effective audits
  • Conduct your internal audits for you if you do not wish to train your own Internal Auditors
  • Provide temporarily internal audit assistance during times of heavy work loads.

Pre-assessment or System Audit

When your system is fully implemented you may want to have internal auditors from another location within your company, a consultant, or the registrar come in and evaluate your entire quality system to see that everything is in reasonable shape for your registration audit.

Registration Audit

Once your management system has been implemented (including internal audits) for three to six months, you will be ready for your Registration Audit. The Registrar you have chosen will conduct a thorough audit of your management system and decide whether it is ready for Registration.

Contact your registrar for more information detailing your registration audit. Quest does not perform registration audits, but will assist you during the audit on your request.

Surveillance Audit

Once you have achieved your ISO registration, your registrar will conduct periodic surveillance audits to see whether your system is still meeting the ISO standard. This is required in order to maintain your registered status.

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