Hardcopy/Paper Document Control Systems

If you choose to use a paper copy of your documents, some suggestions for managing your documents include:

  • Store the master electronic documents on a limited access location. This can simply be a protected folder or file in Microsoft Word®.
  • Prepare and keep the master list. This can be prepared and kept in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel®. Make sure to keep a list of distributed paper copies of documents.
  • Copy or print hard copies marking “CONTROLLED” or somehow indicating it is an approved copy.
  • Distribute hard copies in 3-ring notebooks throughout the facility.
    • The master list indicates the procedures and work instructions that need to be in each book.
    • To help you control your documents, distribute them only to areas where they are relevant.
  • Early in the implementation of your quality system, designate one person to be the Document Control Coordinator, responsible for the following.
    • Keep the master list up-to-date.
    • Make revisions to documents.
    • Distribute revised documents.
    • Collect and destroy the outdated documents.
  • Have a Change Request Form available for employees to initiate revisions to documents.
    • Changes must be approved before they are implemented.
    • Indicate changes by using the revision tool in MS Word for example, or by using a change history. Keep in mind the reader should know what specifically has changed since the previous version.
    • Determine a method to keep staff aware of revisions (by memo or training).

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