On-Line Document Control Systems

On-line document control systems can present some unique challenges. Some suggestions for your on-line document system are listed below.

  • Set up a database to hold procedures and work instructions.
  • Write procedures and work instructions into the system.
  • Give employees appropriate levels of “access”
    • System Administrator
    • Author
    • Editor
    • Approver
    • Read Only
  • Have authors write procedures or work instructions.
  • Send the document to the editor and approver for approval.
  • When it is approved, move it into the “Management System Documents,” available to all users
  • The documents may be viewed online or printed.
  • Control printed documents with a “sunset clause:” use date stamp feature in your system to automatically place the date on documents when they are printed. Documents are valid only on the day they are printed.
  • Some hardcopy distribution may be necessary in areas where there is no immediate computer access
    • Keep a master list for distributed documents.
    • Identify controlled hard copies.
  • The author makes revisions which must be reviewed and approved by the editor and approver.
  • The author must determine if the changes affect any process that is being performed that day.
  • If processes use a formula, router or traveler, print it for each lot or batch.
    • Control the document by lot number, batch number, or run number
    • Write the lot number on the document. The document is then valid only for that lot.


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