Should You Use Outside Help?

A consultant can help you use your time and resources effectively. Consider using a consultant:

  • To help plan your project
    An efficient implementation begins with a solid plan, taking into account those things you need to work on, leaving out those things which are already in place, and developing an accurate estimate of how long each implementation phase should take.
  • To help keep your project on time and on budget
    Everyone is stretched thin on their jobs these days. Staff working on the implementation internally are often pulled to help fights fires or assist with production. With external assistance it is easier to keep the focus on the plan without interfering with day-to-day operations.
  • To help interpret the standard
    A consultant who understands the standard’s requirements can prevent wasted time working on things the standard does not require or missing the mark during your implementation. Quest Analytical’s experienced staff are experts in ISO standards and requirements.
  • To allow you to benefit from experience
    Using a consultant allows you to begin work right away without having to learn things on your own, and without having to learn by your mistakes. 


“There is no substitute for practical experience! One of the most important ingredients an ISO 9000 consultant can bring is that they have actually been a part of an ISO 9000 registration (rather than merely talking about it).

Experience will often allow clients to avoid costly mistakes and most certainly will reduce the learning curve-which will always prove to be a good investment”


Dr. Jack E. Small, in his book “ISO 9000 for Executives” Lancaster Press

How Much Will it Cost?