What Does an ISO-Based Management System Look Like?

A Management System Manual will describe briefly how your management system meets the requirements of the standard.

There will be procedures for required areas of the standard and procedures you determine are needed.

Work Instructions will describe how specific tasks are done. You decide what work instructions you need to provide a consistent product or service and to serve as training tools. Work instructions can be detailed or outline or checklists.

Records will be kept demonstrating that documented procedures and work instructions were followed. All required records must be maintained.

Procedures, and work instructions, and job descriptions or other responsibility documents will clearly describe employee responsibilities.

An internal audit program will continually evaluate the management system and highlight areas for improvement.

Corrective and preventive action processes will allow problems to be fixed and verified for effectiveness.

Information from corrective actions, internal audits, process measurements and product measurement will be reviewed by management on a regular basis. Management will be informed on the management system performance and will take action for continual improvement.

Registration and surveillance audits by the registrar will confirm your system is working effectively.

What are the benefits of an ISO QMS?