For a strong internal audit program you need:

  • Trained auditors:

We recommend you have numerous auditors from all areas and levels of your organization if possible. For some small companies, Quest Analytical provides the internal audits to ensure auditors do not audit their own work.

  • A firmly applied audit schedule:

This should be reviewed in your management review meetings along with your audit findings to ensure you are keeping on track. This link is essential in maintaining the management system tripod mentioned above.

The audit schedule should include all areas and processes.

Typically, auditing everything once/year is a minimal expectation.

  • An audit plan:

The audit plan should demonstrate that all relevant requirements of the standards are audited.

  • Audit records:

Audit records must demonstrate that all areas and processes and programs were audited for all relevant requirements.

Audit records should provide evidence of what was audited, who was interviewed, what procedures and equipment was included in the audit.

  • Corrective action:

Audit findings should be entered into your corrections/corrective action process for evidence that the finding was resolved. This link is essential in maintaining the management system tripod mentioned above.

Status of corrective and preventive actions should be reviewed in management review meetings to ensure you are fixing things once and your program is effective. This is another essential link in the tripod.

Quest Analtical also provided supplier audits at your request.

For any assistance with your audit program including auditor training, program design, supplier auditsĀ and on-site internal audits, please contact us.