Training is a key element in the success of your project. Effective training will help your company get buy-in and commitment from employees, as well as educate employees on how the system works.

Quest Analytical has designed numerous training programs for our clients. We can provide the training you will need throughout your project. Training programs include:

The Business Implications of ISO 9000

This training course is for management who will determine if ISO registration is right for your company, and for training management personnel responsible for implementing the system. The course summarizes the costs, benefits and effects of implementing the quality system.

Introduction to ISO Standards

For those employees who need a more in-depth training on the Standard and what it requires, we provide the Introduction to ISO standards course designed to the specific standard of interest. We recommend this course for teams that will be leading and coordinating the ISO implementation project. The instructor will go through the Standard and identify the requirements, and discuss how they apply to your business. Additionally, the instructor will outline what your company will need to do to comply with the Standard.

Kick-Off Training

This course is for all employees of your company. When you begin your project, Quest Analytical will educate employees on ISO 9000, emphasizing how they will be involved in the process, how it will affect their jobs, and why you have decided to implement the quality system. This training is an important step to removing implementation roadblocks such as fear, confusion and lack of employee participation.

Pre-Registration Training: QMS Red Check Training

After your implementation is complete, this training shows employees the entire system, what they are responsible for and how to be audited.



Based on demand, Quest Analytical has prepared three workshops for internal auditors. The workshops can be provided individually or in combination. The workshops include:

Internal Auditor Workshop

Each person on your internal audit team should receive Internal Auditing training. This course provides group training for your internal audit team. It can be customized to use your audit procedure and forms. The course will train the auditors on the requirements for an audit program, and give them practice on each step of the audit process.

Process Auditing Workshop

Designed to help auditors understand the change of emphasis from auditing ISO clauses to auditing inputs & outputs (processes). Process auditing allows for a more in-depth audit. Many audit findings and process issues are a result of broken linkages between processes. A process audit allows auditors to review these linkages and help avoid future process issues.

Corrective Action/Root Cause Analysis Workshop

Many companies find the corrective action process overwhelming and the evaluation of root cause is a stumbling block. This course provides simple, effective tools for simplifying your corrective action process and getting down to the true root cause and resolving the issue to prevent reoccurrence.


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