Corrective Action and Root Cause Analysis Workshop

CORRECTIVE ACTION AND ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: Many companies clog their corrective action process with too many trivial nonconformances. This course will discuss criteria for corrective actions, differentiation between correction, corrective action, preventive action and continual improvement. Basic tools for performing meaningful root cause analysis will be presented including where they are best used and practice using the tools.

As with all Quest Analytical courses, your materials are incorporated into the training. For corrective action/root cause analysis, samples taken from your program will be used along with other examples that will help clarify your processes. Your materials including procedures, work instructions, and forms are used during the workshop to make the material more realistic to your auditors.

Who should attend: Any corrective action Program Owner, Management Representatives, Quality Managers, Production Managers and Plant Managers who want to get more value from their corrective action processes and expand the use of root cause analysis to add value to your organization.

Add value to your corrective action processes with this focused workshop designed to simplify, improve understanding, and add depth to your processes.


I. Introduction

II. Corrective Action Processes

A. Corrections
B. Corrective/Preventive Actions
C. Continual Improvement

III. Separating Trivial from Significant: Correction/ Corrective Action/Preventive Action/ Continual Improvement

IV. Verification of Effectiveness

V. Root Cause Analysis

A. Tools Review
B. Check sheets/Bar Charts/ Pareto Charts
C. Cause & Effect Diagram
D. Run Charts/Scatter Plots
E. Flow Charts
F. 5 Why Analysis

VI. Case Study

A. Exercises

VII. Summary

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