Process Auditing Workshop

PROCESS AUDITING: There is much discussion about changing conventional audits to process audits and the evolution can be confusing. This workshop provides clear understanding of process auditing and walks your auditors through the steps of a process audit.

The course introduces process auditing, including defining your processes, determining the scope of you audit, the requirements related to your scope and follow-up and trails. The participants will get the opportunity to work on their own audit programs using tools provided and practice process auditing skills.

As with all Quest Analytical courses, your materials are incorporated into the training. For the process auditing workshop, your materials including procedures, work instructions, and forms are used during the workshop to make the material more realistic to your auditors.

Who should attend: Internal Auditors, Management Representatives, Quality Managers, Production Managers and Plant Managers who want to learn more about process auditing to add more value and depth to your auditing program.

TheĀ Process Auditing Workshop lasts 8 hours and covers practice exercises for all aspects of process auditing. This course focuses on hands-on practice exercises extensively. An additional day of training can be added to the workshop to allow your auditors to practice auditing according to your internal audit schedule. This allows auditors to get some real-life practice during the training.


I. Introduction

II. Auditing Steps

Plan the audit exercises
Audit exercises
Opening meeting
Check the audit exercises
Writing nonconformances
Report the audit exercises
Closing meeting

III. Defining Processes

Defining your processes
Process flowcharts/process mapping tools

IV. Determining Scope of Audit

Related ISO Elements
Turtle Diagram

V. Case Study


VI. Audit Schedule

VII. Summary


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