On-Line Services

If you need expert advice, but you don’t want to pay for an on-site consultant to work, online technical support may be your answer.

Your ISO professional will assist you with your implementation project by:

  • answering questions about the ISO Standard Requirements
  • answering questions about your implementation project
  • providing recommendations for your project
  • assisting you with a transition to an ISO based Standard

Your on-line expert can also provide you with additional information including:

  • documentation templates and sample procedures
  • information about ISO standards in your industry
  • information about the costs, benefits and timelines for implementation
  • a presentation for you to use to train your staff on your specific ISO standard

You choose the level of assistance you need, whether you need answers to basic questions help with your entire implementation project. Avoid mistakes…don’t make extra work…don’t misinterpret the Standard. Let our experience and expertise guide you to an efficient use of your time and resources for a smooth implementation.

How can on-line services help?
Who are the coaches?


To receive a quote on using our on-line technical support services: please contact us.