Document Conversion

Quest Analytical can take your current ISO 9001 or Quality Management System documents and update to the most recent version of a new standard you are working toward achieving. We will add the new requirements, discuss changes with you, and make recommendations for additions or simplifications to your current documentation.

After you send us your documents electronically, we will make all the changes and send the new documents back to you with a formal report. The report includes:

  • A summary sheet of changes along with suggestions for completing your conversion. This summary includes a list of the changed procedures, a list of the changes made and any additional actions required on your part to complete or implement the changes.
  • Example documents you may be interested in adding to your quality management system including an over-all process flow chart and QMS measurement table to summarize your objectives.
  • A list of documents that may be removed from your system. All standards require only specific procedures. Some of your old procedures may no longer be needed or can be successfully integrated into a different procedure.
  • Notes on your quality management system. Suggestions on items that could be simplified or may need some additional attention.
  • Your original documents are returned to you along with your
    NEW compliant documents to ISO 9001:2008 or whichever standard you are interested in including ISO 17025; ISO 22000 and ISO 13485.

There is no need to worry about sharing your system with us. Quest Analytical maintains strong client confidentiality and includes this as part of our contract with you. The name of your company, business, location or information about your processes will never be released without your permission.

Document conversions can generally be completed within two to four weeks from receipt of your documents.

For more information about document conversion, pleaseĀ contact us.