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Management Review & Quality Objectives

Posted by Anne Ochs on Jul 21, 2010 in Articles | Comments Off on Management Review & Quality Objectives

The ISO 9001 Standard has required specific topics for management review meetings in section 5.6, Management Review. In addition, there are a couple of other topics presented throughout the standard that can be easily added to and addressed through management review meetings. These include some of the requirements in sections 6 Resource management; 7.1 Planning of Product Realization; 7.2.3 Customer Feedback; 7.4.1 Purchasing Process; 8.1 Measurement, Analysis and Improvement – General; 8.2.(All Sections) Monitoring and Measurement (Customer...

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Internal Audit Tips

Posted by Kathy Stock on Jan 21, 2001 in Articles | 0 comments

Updated 4 May 2012 A. Ochs Internal audits help you learn about your company and find areas that are working and areas that are not working as planned. Whether you do internal audits to stay compliant with government regulations or quality standards, whether it is your first audit or your 100th, below are some tips to help the process. Before an audit Make sure the authority of the audit team is established – this will increase the cooperation from auditees. Decide what areas of the company will be audited and the frequency of the...

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Managing Change in an Organization

Posted by Kari Rambo on Oct 28, 2000 in Articles | 0 comments

Updated 4 May 2012 A. Ochs Continual improvement in the workplace is about change, about getting better at what we do; it’s about evolution. In today’s market place, it’s often those who can change the most quickly and efficiently who are rewarded with success. Yet so often there is resistance to change in the workplace. How many times have we heard the expression “…but we’ve always done it this way”, or “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. Well, consider what it would be like the wheel was never...

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Document Control: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Posted by Anne Ochs on Oct 27, 2000 in Articles | 0 comments

Updated 4 May 2012 A. Ochs An effective document control system is the backbone of an effective quality system. We offer you some tips so you can avoid common document control problems. Common Problems to Avoid Employees writing documents do not understand the difference between a Procedure and a Work Instruction. Terminology has not been defined, and is not used in a consistent manner. Revisions take too long so documents are not kept current. There is no process for tracking changes or training on changes. Inconsistent use of other...

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Why Become an Internal Auditor?

Posted by Richard Hjerpe on Sep 21, 2000 in Articles | 0 comments

Updated 4 May 2012 A. Ochs The Internal Auditors perform a very important function by letting management know how well their Quality Management System is working. This is important for the company, but what’s in it for you? As an Internal Auditor, there are some advantages you may not otherwise have. You have the opportunity to see other areas of the company and what goes on there, since you do not audit your own area. You get to meet other people in the company. Other people get to know who you are. This can be important as you are...

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The Value of ISO 9001

Posted by Anne Ochs on Feb 21, 2000 in Articles | 1 comment

Updated 4 May 2012 A. Ochs ISO 9000 is about managing your business in such a way that it is continually becoming more competitive. Registration does not mean you have achieved perfection; it does mean that when something goes wrong the problem is viewed as an opportunity to improve. ISO 9000 outlines the requirements for a comprehensive Quality System. These are good, common-sense business practices including: Employees who know what needs to be done Clear policies understood by all Processes capable of meeting requirements Clear and honest...

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