Below are just a few comments our clients have shared with us:

Training Programs:

Corrective Action & Root Cause Analysis Workshop

“CA & RCA go far beyond quality. I would recommend it for all manufacturing, processes, people and plants.” April 23, 2012 K.B. Chicago, IL

“Management at all facilities are well underway with applying the CA/RCA concepts learned in your workshop and we’re seeing results already.” May 2, 2012 B.P. Chicago, IL

Management Systems:

“Maximizes results through leadership, consulting, coaching, collaboration and training. Quest Analytical, led by Anne Ochs, successfully completed the ISO implementation across 21 manufacturing facilities within Dairy Foods – on time and on budget. She is an expert in anticipating and preventing possible roadblocks from influencing the process, results and time lines. Anne is the “go to person” when you want things done and done well. She is collaborative, tenacious and thorough in her approach. Her knowledge of the food industry, quality and systems’ development taught the organization and me a great deal.” February 9, 2011 D.F. Minneapolis, MN

“I have repeatedly hired Quest Analytical to work with me on many facets of our quality system and each time she has provided great service and objective perspectives on problems with realistic solutions that even a small company can handle on a tight budget. She has provided services to our company in the areas of auditing to ISO standards, QMS training and business consulting that have resulted in significant cost savings and efficiencies for our company. Anne has been a joy to work with because her sense of humor helps in keeping it real and a desire to provide value to her clients.” November 24, 2009 K.P. Minneapolis, MN

Anne Ochs is a wonderful person to work with.  She is very knowledgeable of the standards, technically savvy, and detailed.  Her work is of the best quality and always very timely.  I particularly appreciate that Anne listens carefully to the scope and intentions of the audit and adapts her focus to meet the needs of the business.” June 22, 2009 J.F. Portland, OR

“Anne’s leadership and consulting was integral to our company receiving ISO 22000 (food safety) certification. She was able to provide clearly defined timelines, goals and ensured that we stayed on task during the development of our system. We have brought Anne back on additional occasions to consult, to obtain continual improvement feedback and to have her review our food safety system. Anne’s knowledge of the food production industry, and how systems can improve any facility, was integral to our company obtaining new business and staying ahead of existing customer demands. I recommend Anne to any business whose goal is to be a leader in the food industry.” February 4, 2011 P.H. Lethbridge, Alberta

“Anne Ochs helps us complete ISO certification for our R&D efforts.  She did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend her.  She works well with all personality types, is extremely knowledgeable, and our final ISO system met our needs and helped us improve our product quality.” February 4, 2011 B.B. Springfield. OR

“Anne and I worked on a major ISO project several years ago.  Anne is the compete package with her intelligence, knowledge, results orientation, listening, and attention to schedules.  She is also incredibly intuitive when assessing skill sets in individuals.” February 10, 2011 J. B. St. Paul, MN